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Help Warning: You are now accessing Piwik from http://analitico.ap.gov.br:80/index.php, but Piwik has been configured to run at this address: http://analitico.ap.gov.br/index.php.

Click here to access Piwik safely and remove this warning. You may also want to contact your Piwik administrator and notify them about this issue (click here to email).

How do I fix this problem and how do I login again?
The Piwik Super User can manually edit the file piwik/config/config.ini.php and add the following lines:

trusted_hosts[] = "analitico.ap.gov.br:80"
After making the change, you will be able to login again.

You may also disable this security feature (not recommended). To do so edit config/config.ini.php and add:


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